In Your Backyard

braSmallThe ice crashes into the glass, soon to be submerged
with my thoughts.  Drown it all.  These are my
happy hours.  Wet the slate clean.

The doctor said he couldn’t drink.  Drink and you
die, abstain and you live.  His ice is submerged
with memories in virgin form.  He looks at me
with disdain.

I am safe until the next test.  Numbers are a state
of mind.  Find a new doctor if they are bad.
Smoke a cigarette.

Is this medicine?  Don’t be afraid to say yes.
People are human, I am a cliché that makes
no sense.  Ignore advice and love.
I am my own business.
Bad news will not find me.  I will hide.

Make no plans, but have ice just in case.
Clink, clink and repeat. Clink, clink and repeat.
Taboo lives and breathes in your backyard.
Invite it in for a drink.

Author: Jo McLaughlin

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