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Be Yourself

What is my motivation?  Not long term plans, but the daily actions and decisions I make.  Are my motions based on baggage that I carry, or do I have pure, honest intentions?  Why must I analyze this?  Why must I spend my brain cells on figuring out why I move the way I move; do the things I do?   I know because I have a conscience, and care about the way I treat others, and more importantly, how I treat myself.   How do you treat yourself?

Take a deep breath, and live in the moment, no, not immediate gratification.  No.  It’s more like wiping the slate clean and seeing things clearly. Take this opportunity to write your own story.   I tend to exhale from a drag of a cigarette (which I don’t recommend)  and think of these type of things.  I’ve learned so much through reflection,  in combination with my experience and my dreams.  If I combine both, I feel complete peace – knowing what is important, and what is not.    It allows me to make smart decisions.  All you have to do is the math.  Find the lowest common denominator, and don’t look back at the clutter.  That is your jumping off point.

Don’t over-think, over-compare, over-compensate, over-exagerate or over- analyze.  Make things as simple as possible.

What I’ve learned from reflection:  Be kind, be genuine, be generous, be loving, be honest.  Be yourself.

That is all.