Life Topics


All the world’s a Screen,

And all the men and women talking heads;

They have their platform removals, pending drops;

And Stanleys broadcast playing many roles,

Their avatars creating Seven Pages.

At first the Newbie, tablet swipes and scrolls

Soft-fisted with an iPad in his arms;

And then the locked-down, home-schooled child abed

With LED-lit face, glitching and muted,

The mirrored classmates screen-sharing Minecraft.

And then the Incel spanking it 

On Pornhub, vision boards are falling short

To manifest the sex The Secret promised; 

The Gamer (“level googol Call of Duty!”),

A cosplay Stormtrooper, will seek respect 

By defecating in the Capitol.

Next comes the Podcaster (subscribe and like)

The straddled fences, senses cooking naught

But bitter scraps of massive scapulae;

He stirs the pot, secures his childrens’ futures,

And, neutering her mates and playthings, breaks

The air to state that they are welcome.

The sixth age shifts to opiates for pain, 

The shame (collected, shoved aside) will hide

Some lies desired by a mind that finds

Comradery in netizens who send 

Death threats to scientists and former friends. 

Last page of all that ends this trendy app:

Persona Segunda, Avatar the Seagull

By Chekov Trek AI interpreter

FaceTime solitaire pen pal suicide 

Notes in comic sans.