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Thank You Kip

I leaned across the table to grab his hand.  He had just told us another wonderful Tyke story and my heart was both melting and alive.  How precious to have such great memories of the child you lost.  A child who made it to adulthood but was taken too soon.  He showed no pain in his recollection, only compassion and love.  It was time I thought.  He has to write the screenplay.  The legacy must be told because this tender person grabbed life well before any of us understood what life was all about.  We would all be better people to learn from Tyke.  We would all be better.


I couldn’t get enough stories, as he glowed telling of a 12-year-old with great insight and candor.  It was like Tyke was an old soul knowing he wasn’t long for this crazy world.  He could see things no one else could see.  There was only so much time.  I only knew him through an article in the city paper, and his Dad’s stories.  But, oh, I wanted to know him.  I wanted his dad to bring him back to life somehow.

Francis Crowley the 4th was named Tyke.  I don’t know why his family named him that, but they did.  Only Kip could explain that.  I didn’t ask.  I did know, however, that he had a tremendous amount of adversity in his life between health issues and life issues.  Smart.  Yes, he was smart and accomplished only to be devastated with bad new and worse outcomes.

The mystery of Tyke absorbs me in a way I can’t explain.  Maybe because I am a mother who could not survive the death of a child.  I know I couldn’t.  Kip has not only survived but is comforted by a wealth of amazing memories.  I admire him for that.  I want him to share more because I think we all could learn from the words Tyke wanted to share.  He will continue to send messages to us from beyond, and I will continue to listen.  His book “Hungry for Air” is a promise he gave to us through himself and his wife.  I will read it cover to cover and discover things about him and his Dad that I never knew.

Thank you, Kip, for being a loving and sharing person, who opened up to us tonight to share a special place in your heart.  Most people wouldn’t do that.  I urge you to keep bringing up those memories for all of us to enjoy and endure.  He was obviously an amazing person who brought you joy and contentment into your life.  Please share that with us all so we can understand how to live our lives.  And, how to love ourselves and others.

Love you Kip.

Author: Jo Toale

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  1. Wonderful story Jo. The Crowley family has always been an important part of our lives. Kip took very special care of my Mom when she was facing heart surgery. We will always be grateful for the special care and compassion he provided her. I’m going to get this book for my dad and of course for myself . I look footing learning more about Tyke.

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