How to get Started

Thank you for joining us!

If you are new, click on the Registration tab, fill out the form, and  get an email confirmation.  Click on the email link, then Log in and start writing today!

If you are already registered you can go directly to the Log In link in the main menu.  Enter your username and password.
Click on My Account and there will be a Dashboard tab in the middle of the page.

Click on it to see the Dashboard (see Posting for details). There is a profile link on the Dashboard to fill out your information and add a photo or gravitar. This will show on your posting.

NOTE: It is very important to read through the Posting page before you get started.

What Should I Write?

Dilettante is a place to observe life and share experiences.  You can write about virtually anything in prose, poetry or thoughts on any subject. Contributions that are of an obscene nature and/or radical religious or political rants will not be accepted or posted. This is a happy place.

All posts will be reviewed and approved/disapproved by the Administrator (Jo).

How Long Can My Posts Be?

A suitable length of story would be about 1-2 standard pages. A little more, or a little less is OK. However, there are exceptions. So, tell your story as best as you can in a short (as possible) format.