What Should I Write?

Dilettante is a place to share experiences.  You can write about virtually anything in prose, poetry or thoughts on any subject.  Contributions that are of an obscene nature, or political rants will not be accepted or posted. This is a happy place.

All posts will be reviewed and approved/disapproved by the Head Dilettante/Author.

Register today and start writing.

How Long Can My Posts Be?

A suitable length of story would be about 1 standard page. A little more, or a little less is OK.
However, there are exceptions. So, tell your story as best as you can in a short (as possible) format.

To Post

After logging into My Account, you will see your account page.   In the center of your screen, you’ll see 4 tabs, including the Dashboard tab.  Click on the Dashboard tab, and you will find the Dashboard on the top of the computer screen (see below).  It is a black bar across the top of the page. You’re Account information is in the upper right of your screen, where it says “Howdy “username””.

To add a post, simply Click on the “+ New” on the Dashboard.  It’s that easy.  You can also click on “Dilettante Life – A Writer’s Space” in the Dashboard, and go to more Dashboard options on the left column.

…and remember to add tags to your post, located in the right column of the posting page. It is important to add tags (words that relate to your post, i.e. Christmas Santa Chimney) because bloggers will find your story based on the tag words you use.

As a Contributor, you can write and save your Draft for later edits, or if complete Send for Review to an Author before it is approved for posting.