After you’ve Registered, click on Log in in the main menu and you will be brought to the Dashboard (see below, Contributor’s Dashboard graphic).


Hover over the text in the upper left of the Dashboard screen that says Dilettante Life – A Writer’s Space and there will be a drop down that says Dashboard. Click on it, and it will open up your Dashboard (see below, Contributor’s Dashboard graphic). There are many options listed on your Dashboard including your profile. Please take the time to fill out the profile, including a photo of yourself. There is also a place in the upper right screen on the Dashboard, that says “Howdy username”, where you can make account changes.

You can toggle between the Dashboard and viewing the site by clicking on the
Dilettante Life – A Writer’s Space text in the very upper left of your Dashboard screen. This will allow you to view the web site.

Add Post

To add a post, simply Click on the “+ New” on the black bar that runs across the top of the screen, in the upper left (see below, Contributor’s Dashboard graphic).  A page will open up for you to start writing. I recommend writing your piece in MS Word, or another program, and use cut and paste to put into the WordPress posting page. Just in case you are confused with the process.

While you’re writing or editing your post, remember to add tags, located in the right column of the posting page. It is important to add tags (words that relate to your post, i.e. Christmas, Santa, Chimney) because bloggers will find your story based on the tag words you use.


After the post is finished, you can click on the Save Draft link (to save for later edits) in the upper right of the screen, if you are using the Block Editor. In the Classic Editor there is a button in the right column that says Save Draft, click on that button.


If you need to edit your post, select Posts ->All Posts in the Dashboard. Then select the post you want to edit by hovering your mouse over the post name, and click on “Edit (classic editor)” or “Edit (block editor)”. Block Editor is a bit more difficult than Classic Editor for a beginner, so I would recommend “Edit (classic editor)” when starting out.

All Posts Page


When your post is complete, with no further edits, you’re ready to submit. From your writing screen, click on the red Publish button in the upper right of your screen in the Block Editor. A column will appear with a red button on the top saying, Send for Review, click on it. If using Classic Editor, there is a red Publish button in the right column, which will also send it for review. The draft will be sent to the Administrator (Jo) for approval/disapproval to post.

To leave the post page, click on the “W” block in the upper left of the screen when Block Editing, a drop down list will appear, click on All Posts. This will bring you back to the Dashboard. If using Classic Editor, the Dashboard is already visible on the left hand column.

(click on graphic to expand)

Contributor’s Dashboard

My Account Page

You can also access your Dashboard by clicking on the My Account tab in the main menu. After clicking on My Account you will have the ability to log in, if you haven’t already logged in. In the center of your Account Page screen, you’ll see 4 tabs, including the Dashboard tab. Click on the Dashboard tab, and you will be brought to the Dashboard.

Contact Me

If you have any questions, go to Contact and send me a note. I’m happy to help.

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