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The days are getting longer by
seconds, but the air remains Cold.
Wool has become my best friend.

Exhaled clouds surround my head,
and trap my thoughts in mid air
drifting high above the Cold ground.

Do I curse the winter?  Or do I gently
wrap myself up in layers of hope and
longing?  Waiting for early sunshine
and chirping birds.

Enjoy the sight of glittering snowy hills.
Delight in the fresh cold air kissing your
face.  Be your own sunshine.
The Cold is only here for a moment.

Bath in all that the season offers, for it
is fleeting.  Many Cold days will lead to
more warm days, then quickly back.
Your time is limited, let the Cold sink
in, let it be a player, let it breathe life
into your heart.

Make the Cold your “Bitch”.