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March Madness Update – Day 2 Results

If you’re not a fan of NCAA Basketball, then now would be the time to get a cup of coffee, make out a grocery list, clean the bathroom, check your facebook or make that phone call you’ve been putting off….I’m still waiting!!!!!!

Day 2 Results McLaughlin vs Toale:

Jamie: 21
Jo: 29

DISCLAIMER: The hat with the NY Giants logo no way reflects my team affiliation.  My head was cold, and the Giants Fan (who shall remain nameless) loaned it to me for a walk.  Patriots Rule!

NOTE:  Andrea, can you see dead teams?  We need to talk.

Author: Jo Toale

2 thoughts on “March Madness Update – Day 2 Results”

  1. Jo likes to trash talk during an event, only to quiet down some when the final results are in. She texted me several times during the Superbowl only to go completely silent when the game ended. We will see.

    BTW the hat is just proof that she likes to be close to greatness.

    Happy St. Patrick’s day madness..

  2. Don’t really know what is going on with basketball but sure like to read your thoughts and funny jokes! Oh and pics are great! Keep having fun!

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