Life Topics

The Lake


A house alive come summer
breezes.  The lake becomes a
gathering place for song and

Nurture what you have internal,
it lays waiting in the winter.  The
buds will bring out what’s forgotten.
Splashing and laughter paint
the sky.

Make warm memories, and be sure
to remember.
Time can look through the window
with narrow eyes and only a spark of light.
Dilute the unforgiven, and breathe in
deep comfort.

Water waves slowly,  planning  your daydreams.
Move in harmony with the clouds.   Look at
the dog chasing the ball.  Paddle strong and
hold on tight, diversions await you.

Shake when you get out of the water.

Life Topics

Don’t Tell Me

DSCN4007Don’t tell me I can’t.
Water finds low ground and the
Salmon swim upstream.

Plan your journey well,
win over doubters, their skin
is too tight and dull.

Balance each step with
fauna and rock, sturdy feet
brings a steady mind.

Build dams and open
hearts, piecing what makes you whole.
Bathe in the water.