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Bless McDermott

I’m still in love with my first love.

A new puppy that is playful and happy, but he can’t live up to all that I had.  He never will  be  the hound I knew and loved.

Please, Lord, help me to love this new one.  Help me to understand and appreciate all that he brings into my new life.  Help me to erase some of the memories that I still hold dear.  I don’t want to let it all go, but I have to remove myself from the memories if I am to be a good mother.

Bless McDermott, let me be the mother I need to be, let me love him like he has been the only one.
He deserves that.
Let me give scratches and praise like I’ve never done before.

I am still in love with my hound, but will learn to love another.

Bless McDermott.

Author: Jo Toale

4 thoughts on “Bless McDermott”

  1. A new chance for love does not diminish any previous ones. It enhances the memories. Once in our homes, they enter our hearts with the fierce loyalty and love only dogs can mete out. How lucky we are to receive their bounty.

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