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Reconnecting with the world.

The other world, the “Elementary School” world, the
world that existed before today.  The place you forgot about
from long ago.

So many stayed in touch, kept connect to the past and the present.
I couldn’t do that.  It seemed too complicated to have a foot in both

It was always a dream that happened a long long time ago.  A place
of playing Chase at dusk and playing until you were too exhausted
to stay outside.  A place of boyfriends and late-night partying with
the people you loved the most.  Needed the most, cherished the
most.  TRUSTED the most.

It was a place before my husband, my lifetime lover, my children, my work,
my nieces and nephews.  A place that became faint and unfamiliar, until…I realized
I needed it…I needed to reconnect.  I needed to reintroduce myself, to myself.

Facebook has connected me with people who knew me when life was simple.
Knew me with bruised knees and old warn out sneakers.  Real Blonde hair with
a simple barret holding it out of my face. Spent time laughing about silly things
and silly people.

They’ve always been there running through my mind, like a whisper in the back
of my head.  It took many years to realize that a piece of my story included my
early life, the life with the first friends that I ever made.

So, I finally reconnected with several elementary school friends, and some high
school friends.  What does this mean?  It means my story finally has a beginning
that I ignored for a long time.  For too long.

To all you who’ve I reconnected with, I THANK YOU, and you know who you are!
I feel as giddy as the first grader with the bruised knees and worn out sneakers.
Ready to play chase, or at least share stories of our children playing chase.

Things are different now, but in a way they are the same.

Author: Jo Toale

3 thoughts on “Reconnecting”

  1. Great!
    I have often felt the same… I finally went to my 30th hs reunion! It was great! And yes, so good to reconnect.
    All my love to you

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