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    The ice crashes into the glass, soon to be submerged with my thoughts.  Drown it al […]

  • The blank page is intimidating.  The hollow compliment is confusing.  The echo of doubt is disturbing. How can we follow a path with obstacles or contempt?  Jealousy, ego and loathing can block good in […]

  • You think when you’re 21 that you will live forever.  Life seemed simple, as you did anything you wanted. If you gained a little weight, all you’d have to do is skip a meal or two and the pounds disa […]

  • It was the first visit without Dad.  They always came in a pair except now she’s “flying solo”.  I wonder if she can navigate without him.  Entering the room, she says a quick hello and rushes to the bathroom […]

  • The Lake in Winter (photo credit Eric Vickery)

    The rough texture of the sun-soaked ice is deep shades of gray and white with small mounds of snow scattered, showing weeks of thawing, and freezing.  T […]

  • If it wasn’t bad enough surviving an abusive marriage, now I’m forced to recount it for others outside my circle of friends.  This stuff is private and hurtful and sensitive.  However, there it is in a list […]

  • The once buried autumn leaves were scattered throughout the trail, dried out from the last snow fall.
    Scattered winter branches and twigs littered the path.  Tree roots peeked through the leaves which could […]

  • Staring into the darkness, I can make out some light coming from the sliders and the shadow of a tree.  The moon is full, accenting the shadowy clouds with a glowing outline.  I reposition myself to sleep, then o […]

  • I’m told it’s something you never get over.  I’ve relied on advice, webinars, articles, and common knowledge to cope.  Friends have been supportive through hugs and coffee.  Daydreams come mostly at night when I’m […]

  • Slathering the grey cream all over my face, I give myself a facial that will turn green on contact.  A goolie look I must admit.  All to make my lines, sags and wrinkles disappear from this 59-year-old facade.  Ca […]

  • I feel foreign in my own house.  My body feels like nothing is familiar. My mind is on everything and nothing at all.  Opening the refrigerator, I take out a can of seltzer and slowly move to the table.  My kn […]

  • The sound of the oxygen machine was lulling me to sleep.  My eyes were getting heavy, but I stayed focused.  I laid on my side with my folded hands tucked under my chin and my knees bent resting next to his f […]

  • Jo McLaughlin wrote a new post, Death 8 months ago

    Death is an evil muse, an uninvited bitch, tearing our fragile heart out without a thought. Emotions can be like a roller coaster climbing to highs of comfort and acceptance, then down with the sweet memories that […]

  • You died on a Monday.  I saw you that morning struggling to breath.  I’m so thankful to have given you a kiss as you slept.  The last kiss I would ever give you.  Oh, how many times had we kissed and embra […]

  • Jo McLaughlin wrote a new post, Anything 9 months ago


    How come you ask nothing of me?
    I say, “let me know if you need anything?”
    Do you think that is just polite?
    Is that empty to you?  Am I not in some small way, a
    part of your precious life?  Am I over […]

  • She was very knowledgeable about her business.  Holding the ring, she pointed out the uniqueness of the setting as she rotated it in her fingers.  The stones were exquisite as their brilliance would light up w […]

  • We lugged all the beach gear from the trunk of the car, moving away from the hot concrete parking lot toward the sandy shore, a brilliant horizon of blue with white.  Bright colored striped chairs, thirsty […]

  • A familiar road can go unseen.
    How many times have you
    been there?  Let your passing
    slowly unfold its intentions.
    Focus your eyes.

    Make notes, climb trees, recite
    poems and stand tall.  E […]

  • Parties can cause me slight anxiety as I circulate about and “work the room.”  Mingling is essential to having a good time, an art if you do it right. Having a few drinks helps me to be more confident and rela […]

    • I wish I could remember…all I know it was a wonderful day!

    • I’m the “guy” whose parents got to know each other, fell in love, and got engaged while writing each other during a time of war. I have always been awed by the power of the written word ( not to mention the art of both of their beautiful penmanship skills) to communicate DEEP feelings.
      I shudder when I think that many now communicate through short texts …OMG …SMH!
      Your topic of “Small Talk” is an improvement on short texts. Big Talk is better. And truly communicating is Best.

      • IDK what U R talking bout (ha ha ha)

        Your story is one of the best I’ve ever heard. You are so right. xo

  • The skin on his hands were pale and paper thin
    showing a tangle of blue veins.  Fingers longer and
    thinner than I remember.  I stopped and stared at
    the age spots and bruised skin of purple and b […]

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