Life Topics



Staple like papers,
bind them together by fact and
context.  Forget not the
buried, for the bottom of the
stack will get to breath in time.

Pile high the papers that
gather anxiety and dust.
Scribbles show my wanderings.
Staple my thoughts to
some evidence.

Pick a time to attack the growing
mass, like it’s a cancer growing on
your desk, growing in your mind.
Bills will be considered last.

Prioritize your senses,
like a cat stalks it’s prey.
Embrace the low hanging
fruit.  Make Lemonade.
Dig into your
campaign with half-hearted
interest. Leave nothing out.

Weakness is caused by delay.

Life Topics


Follow in line or you’ll
hit your head.
The ideal formula is full
of bloody thorns and regret.
Even cats enjoy one life at
a time.  Take a deep breath,
learn your own lessons.

Discipline under-minds my
attitude.  Freedom is my
reward for failing and prying
open possibilities.
Why must I have structure?
My spirit is aloft with imperfect

Authority can smell like a
rotting fish.  Hold your nose,
and see through it.  Feign
rapt attention.
Say your prayers, and memorize
the absurd.

Backseat arguments were not the desired convention.
Good children
stay in line with the help of sugar and spice.
Claustrophobic rides provoke tempers and screaming.
Wonderful memories of disorder.

Don’t make me turn this car around!

Turn your car around.