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Knit Sip Knit

I’ve taken up knitting as a hobby to pass time and as a mode of meditation.  I often call knitting “mind numbing.”   It’s the kind of feeling  I need at the end of a long day, like wiping the slate clean. I pair my love of knitting with my
enthusiasm for wine.  I should clarify that my enjoyment of drink trumps my hobby, but when joined together, I really get “in the zone”.

So, knit one, perl two, sip three and so on.  I love the look and feel of the yarn and like feeling the cables as they take form.   The twists manipulate the body of work, while providing me with visual confirmation that I haven’t screwed up.   I count stitches, I pull the yarn from the ball when it gets taught, and I take a drink after every fourth or fifth row.  I knit fast.  The wine tastes as good as the yarn feels.  Each sip is like a reward for a job well done.

Sometimes I lose count of stitches, swear, and just pick up hoping I haven’t caused a crafty disaster. Time for another sip.  I am a beginner so there is no end to the scarf and hat parade that I’ve created.  I tried a sweater once, and ended up with sleeves fit for Popeye.  However, I am not discouraged.  I will re-try the sweater thing, just after I finish my latest scarf.

In truth, I don’t know which activity I like more, so I combine both.  I get as excited to buy yarn as I do buying a bottle of my favorite wine.   It may sound like more of an addition than hobby, but I am in complete denial.  Knitting is a reason to sip, sipping is a reason to knit.  I keep my hands busy and my mind clear.  Stress melts away with each click of the needles crossing each other.

The slate is clean.