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Night Swim on Hickory Hills

dockLargeTake a swim in the night waters of the lake.
Feel the flow underneath you, as you
kick your legs and circle your arms.
Treading water makes you feel
like all the days worries are
pushed away with each motion.

Breathe deep, as you look up
to see the stars that watch over you.
Crickets sing a concert for your pleasure.
Slivers of moonlight dance on the waves.

Hear your laugh echo to the hidden shoreline,
The sound makes you laugh again, just to
hear your voice.  The boat is barely within
reach, but it doesn’t matter.

Talk treason with your friend as you
circle each other and feel the relief
from the thick air.
Submerge your whole body.
Wet your hair, wet your soul.

Howl at the moon calling on Mother Nature
to join in the fun.  She knows you are there
to be part of the universe.
She knows you are there.

Life Topics

Caine is Able

This story is fantastic.  I’d like to say “inspirational”, but the word is grossly overused, and doesn’t accurately describe this sweet young boy. He is so much more than that….

Watching this reminded me of lemonade stands of summer days long past.  Bethie and I would set up on Essex street and wait for customers.  We even went as far as to bring the stand to the local golf course one sweltering afternoon.  Genius. I’d like to say it was my idea, but I don’t remember.

It was a great pay-day until we were asked to remove ourselves from the course.  Golfers were throwing money at us.  I think we made $20.  The management may have been intimidated by our professionalism, or maybe we caused a huge loss in beer sales.

It wasn’t about the money (although, you know what they say…when someone says “it’s not about the money”…it’s about the MONEY), it gave us a sense of purpose, a way to earn money in the years before we were allowed to babysit…and most importantly, a sense of pride.

Our lemonade was good, never watered down, and always ice-cold.  Not to mention, our prices were fabulous!

Cheers to Caine!   You represent the magical world of childhood, while having the foresight and maturity to follow your dreams.