Life Topics

Look Past Your Hands

handLife brings you surprises and
hope.  Look past your hands
at what awaits you.
Recognize what is real and
what is fake.

Tell your friends you love them
and watch what unfolds in your
beautiful life.  They lay the
bird songs at your feet, and
the music that fills your heart.

Keep your eyes on the phony
people who smile while they
try to suck the soul out of you.
Don’t be too trusting.

I hope that my future brings
me shiny things full of light
and wonder.  I will selfishly
gulp from the hose of plenty.
Sharing the nourishment meant
for the good of spirit.  Sharing
what makes me whole.

Don’t be surprised when you are
loved.  Open your arms to the acceptance
that awakens you.  Look past your hands
at your future.  Look past your hands.
Look past your hands.