Life Topics


We sip wine and listen
to stories of love and loss.
We listen for what is not
said, knowing what is meant.

I’ll drink to that we say, and
we clink glasses just for the
festive spirit of being together.
Sharing our inner thoughts
brings a clear voice to the

We need to be part of something,
part of the bigger picture.
A picture made of scraps of our

Drink without regard to tomorrow,
for tomorrow doesn’t matter anyway.
Today is all that matters, and we are
here to share the moment.

Love is all there is.

Life Topics

Winter Night

woman_winterlargeWalking alone, I look down,
darkness surrounds my limbs.
Step carefully to find firm ground,
ice and stones remind you of hard times.
Each step creates a crunch in the snow.

Looking up, I can see my breath
and the beauty of the winter sky.
Stars so close, their light excites
and guides your path.  I can touch them
if I reach high enough.

Listen to your breath, as you wear a
heavy coat and daytime worry.  The snow
starts to come down, covering
you in shiny crystals, like a shawl
of renewal.

Let the wind intermittently take away sound,
as you cover your ears with your hat.
The chest must be covered by a scarf,
or the chill will distract your thoughts.
The soul must be covered by warm
memories or the cold will be your

The chilly night will guide your dreams
if you stay warm and follow your