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We sip wine and listen
to stories of love and loss.
We listen for what is not
said, knowing what is meant.

I’ll drink to that we say, and
we clink glasses just for the
festive spirit of being together.
Sharing our inner thoughts
brings a clear voice to the

We need to be part of something,
part of the bigger picture.
A picture made of scraps of our

Drink without regard to tomorrow,
for tomorrow doesn’t matter anyway.
Today is all that matters, and we are
here to share the moment.

Love is all there is.

Author: Jo Toale

4 thoughts on “Cheers”

  1. the most structurally poetic piece I’ve seen you write. I especially liked the internal rhyming and the simplicity. Way to go Jo. Thank you.
    All’s good in Phnom Penh.

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