Life Topics

A Sudden Loss

iStock_000058582528_LargeA sudden loss makes you
think of softer times.
A time when you shared
a drink.  A time when you
shared a moment.

Why did you have to leave
so soon?  Did you know life
would be so short?
We expected you to be
around longer.

We will miss your smile, we
will miss your vibrance,
we will miss your heart.
But, mostly we’ll miss your
love of life.

Remember us well , as we will
remember you.  For we will
miss your presence in our
everyday life.

Rest sweet soul.  Rest easy that
you will be in a place with
non-stop sunshine and grace.
Follow our lives and stay
present to teach us what is

We love you.
We miss you.

Life Topics


ArtBoxMy fingers are covered with
paint.  What am I trying to say?
Stoke gently, and follow a

Bring the colors together
like a symphony of ideas.
Dark or light, light or dark?
Balance the world
in a playful motion.

You’re done when you
are done.
Hold the piece away
from you.
See if the colorful song
makes sense.

Life Topics

My Ideal Day

IMG_1102Sailing in the sun my life seems so
insignificant next to the grandness
of the sky, and the dancing diamonds
on the water.

I swim to relieve my bones, as well
as my temperature. The bouquet of
life bursts with the company of
friends, as we hook boats together to
share stories, to share cheese.

Floating with my ears under water
allows me to listen to my breath.
I love the basic sound of life.
Voices muffled above seem
far away, but the boat is
within reach.

Climbing out of the lake on the
boat ladder is sweet,
as drops of worry pour off of me.
I dry off to the sound of laughter.
I smile at my lover and kiss my dog.

I sip wine to help fulfill my ideal day,
hoping to dry off before the heat catches
up with me, and I have to jump in again.
I do jump in again, and again.

Where am I where life seems so perfect,
so serene?  I am on the lake, on the
surface where the boat rocks and lulls
me into incredible gratitude for all
that is tangible and intangible.

The sun will set soon, and it will all begin
again tomorrow.  I will be there tomorrow.
Sipping wine, floating on my back, diving
in the water, and hooking up with friends.
My ideal day.

Life Topics

Night Swim on Hickory Hills

dockLargeTake a swim in the night waters of the lake.
Feel the flow underneath you, as you
kick your legs and circle your arms.
Treading water makes you feel
like all the days worries are
pushed away with each motion.

Breathe deep, as you look up
to see the stars that watch over you.
Crickets sing a concert for your pleasure.
Slivers of moonlight dance on the waves.

Hear your laugh echo to the hidden shoreline,
The sound makes you laugh again, just to
hear your voice.  The boat is barely within
reach, but it doesn’t matter.

Talk treason with your friend as you
circle each other and feel the relief
from the thick air.
Submerge your whole body.
Wet your hair, wet your soul.

Howl at the moon calling on Mother Nature
to join in the fun.  She knows you are there
to be part of the universe.
She knows you are there.

Life Topics

Look Past Your Hands

handLife brings you surprises and
hope.  Look past your hands
at what awaits you.
Recognize what is real and
what is fake.

Tell your friends you love them
and watch what unfolds in your
beautiful life.  They lay the
bird songs at your feet, and
the music that fills your heart.

Keep your eyes on the phony
people who smile while they
try to suck the soul out of you.
Don’t be too trusting.

I hope that my future brings
me shiny things full of light
and wonder.  I will selfishly
gulp from the hose of plenty.
Sharing the nourishment meant
for the good of spirit.  Sharing
what makes me whole.

Don’t be surprised when you are
loved.  Open your arms to the acceptance
that awakens you.  Look past your hands
at your future.  Look past your hands.
Look past your hands.