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Happy Train

b3So, here we are the day after Thanksgiving with a turkey hangover and a few extra pounds.  It seems like the holiday season is already moving forward with the force of a train roaring out of the station.  The traffic today on the way to the gym, which I haven’t visited in months, sent me looking for alternative routes, which got me thinking.  Is fighting for 50% off worth the stress and aggravation?

I could shop online in the comfort of my own home.  But, my question is bigger than that.  Do I really want to shop at all?   I want to celebrate Christmas on my own terms.  My grown children will receive a small token of cash and maybe a sweater.  I will get my parents something they don’t need, that will be tasteful and appreciated.  As I don’t have any young children, there is no more toy shopping in my life, or getting up at the crack of dawn on the 25th.  I have to truthfully say I do miss that a little.

I mailed my Christmas cards this morning and am feeling an inkling of holiday spirit.  I hope it grows over the next few weeks.  But, I know it won’t be long before I get sick of the commercials.  You know the ones, where the doting husband gives his wife a new car with a big bow on top, as she discovers it in the snow-covered driveway.  Who does that?   I’m optimistic that through cards, actions and well wishes I can give friends and family the best of myself, not only during the holidays, but all year long.  That’s the true spirit of life.

Make the lists you need to get through.  Shop if it pleases you.  Get on your happy train and ride it with zeal.  I just choose to take it slow, feel a smooth ride with solid tracks underneath.  I won’t let the commercialism get me down, they’re just annoying stops on the journey.

Pull into the station, dust yourself off and feel the excitement of your destination. You’ve made it here on your own terms.

Next stop –  New Year!

Author: Jo Toale

1 thought on “Happy Train”

  1. I like it 🙂
    I’m not sure who buys their wife a car at Christmas but my 5 year old sister opened the door Christmas morning 55 years ago and there stood a horse with a big red bow on it for her!!
    Is that the same as a car??

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