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Family Tree

TreeThere’s a tree that claims your family with
branches intertwined and tangled.
Scream Uncle when your brothers
twist your arm.  Swear revenge.
I Swear.

Are you twisted or is your mind
imaging what it’s supposed to be like?
Kiss your Grandmother, and punch your
sister.  Call shotgun and just try to claim
the front seat.  Yeah.

Follow the branches to the tip.
Are you a bud or a knot?
The bud is so pretty but much too
fragile.  Be the knot , mangled and
imperfect, but strong.

Sweet dreams and bedtime stories,
just sometimes. Parents are exhausted.
Brush your teeth, wash behind your ears,
fight to claim your territory. Pray, and mean it.
Pray hard.

Author: Jo Toale

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