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Close Up Of Santa Claus Holding Blank Invitation

I’ve been assigned the job of reading Letter’s to Santa and posting them to Facebook for my organization.  People enjoy reading the handwritten lists and the colorful pictures that accompany them.  There are a lot of claims of being good this year, and some honest confessions of trying to be nice to brothers and sisters.  “I try not to fight with my brother, but he can be a pain.”  “I am nice to my sister and try to help people.”  I especially enjoy the letters that start conversationally with Santa, “How are you and your elves…?”  “Did you have a good summer…?”  “How are your reindeer doing?”  These letters of childhood innocence and blind faith in the special fat man has renewed my holiday spirit, and confirmed my feelings that Christmas is for children.

I remember Christmas’ growing up, waking up at 3am and running down stairs to see what was under the tree.  My parent’s probably had only been in bed only a few hours.  We seldom got what was on our list when I think back, but there was always something we were happy about getting.  With six kids and a meager income, it’s amazing we had any gifts at all.  But, we believed with our whole heart that Santa
would come through and he always did.

Now, as I scan letters, I wonder how many of these kids will get what’s on their list.  Some lists are simple and sincere with only a few items.  Other letters have lists that go on for 5 pages.  Will they be rewarded by Santa for being good all year?  Have they been good ALL year?  One letter that got me giggling was the child who asked, “…Santa can you let me know if I’m on the naughty list….”  I guess he wanted a heads up on his chances of getting what he wanted for Christmas.  And why not get a little forewarning on what to expect?  I applaud this kid, he just wanted to know his chances of getting the loot
he wanted.

Sharing these letters with our readers is so special.  No names are mentioned, just the lists and the conversation they try to have with Santa.  More often than not, these adorable kids make sure to wish Santa a Merry Christmas.  They truly have a loving and giving heart in the spirit of Christmas.  Some even say, “…you can give me whatever you want…”  How sweet is that?  Will some be disappointed if everything on their list isn’t delivered?  Maybe some kids will  get everything on their list, but for those that don’t, it’ll be OK.   Santa will come through for them.

He always does.

Author: Jo Toale

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