Life Topics

Your Gentle Muse

Hands covered in paint,
blotted fingers with peeling,
chipped nails.  There is a story
to tell, maybe a secret
to learn.

The brush can lead you too
soon to the final chapter.
Pace yourself, stroke lightly.
Study what you reveal, and
leave nothing unsaid.

Go back and tell them again.
Darken the line, the paint will speak
for you if you let it.   I am bold, I am sad,
I am beautiful.

Expose the things you hide, things
you’re too afraid to say out loud.
Let the canvas be a soulful messenger
holding dear the paint that is
your gentle muse.

Life Topics

Time and Treason


Look in the mirror to
see the terms of your journey.
Time and treason have tried to
lead you to other conclusions.
Negative thought is the
predatory of joyful memory.

Try to recognize yourself in the
form that you’ve become.
Sagging and wrinkles are the
result of hope, fear, laughter,
heartbreak and joy.
Embrace yourself, and never
let go.

Don’t let gravity anchor the
spirit of who you once were.
Dance to a new song that was
written for you today.

A life well lived is the gift that
you wear openly.  A face does
not lie to please the vain.
The scale can’t stop my fancy.
My reflection is a map showing
each stop along the way.

I am beautiful.