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There’s Nothing You Can’t Do

blue_tenticlesThere’s nothing you can’t do.
Count on one hand your failures.
Look at the face of progress, it
can be both black and white.
Don’t swallow the icy fate of

Falling down can’t defeat you.
Seeds spend their life in dark
until the sun brings growth.
Put a bandaid on the stinging cut.
Watch the scab fade into a
different skin color.
A new beginning.

Gulp from the cup that holds
both your fears and gifts.
They are both means of survival.  Stay
sane you tell yourself.  Say I’m sorry
only to those who matter.
Don’t give away yourself, you are
a mystery and a force,
to be understood and loved.

Build this one life with a mix of strength
and the power of a beautiful dusk.
Do not weep for what you do not have.
Grab and hold tight what you can give
to yourself and others; especially others.
Wipe the crumbs from your lips, and
speak the truth to yourself.

Author: Jo Toale

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